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Rustic Rails
3663 Bourgeous Rd
Sterling, MI 48659

Phone Numbers


Office: 989.654.3118

Fax: 989.654.3244

Email Address

Email: info@logsiding.com


Do you offer installation services?

We do offer installation services for our popular Split and Round-Rail fencing.  For our other products, we provide documentation for easy installation.  If you a contractor is installing our products for you, we'd be glad to talk to him as well.  See more about installation by clicking here.

What are my options for shipping?

We offer all kinds of shipping, from Standard to Overnight, FedEx, UPS, Truck Freight, and more.  We even provide delivery ourselves and travel throughout the U.S.  See more about Shipping by clicking here.

About Us

Rustic Rails, of Sterling, Michigan, has been in business for over three generations.  We are a family run business, and have expanded over the years by sourcing the best wood from right here in Michigan... Northern White Cedar and Knotty Pine.  We own and operate our own mill, and are on site each day, to manage our employees (for quality assurance) and answer customers questions via phone and email.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please give us a call at 877-4-LOGSIDING or email us at info@logsiding.com.  You can also use the contact form below to email us!

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