Little details like our wood Electrical Boxes & Covers and wood Switch Plates are some of the final touches that will make your log home or project complete.  We offer a wide array of sizes and styles, and can even make custom products to fit your needs.  These electric boxes and switch covers are the perfect match for your rustic lighting décor.


  • 7" x 7" x 2 ¾' thick - for Half Log and Premiere
  • 7" x 7" x 1 ¾' thick - for Quarter Log


  • 7” x 7” x 2 ¾’ thick – for Half Log
  • 7” x 7” x 1 ¾’ thick – for Quarter Log


  • 7” x 10” x 2 ¾’ thick – for Half Log
  • 7” x 10” x 1 ¾’ thick – for Quarter Log


Similar to the quarter log trim, our Half Log Trim has been engineered as a perfect match for half-log siding applications.  Both D-Trim profiles feature a bold, rounded radius that matches up perfectly with the half log siding that butts up against windows, doors, paneling, and other applications.

Wood Types (Species): Northern White Cedar; Knotty Pine
Dimensions: 3x6  |  4x4
Thickness: 2 ½  |  3 ½
Width: 5 ¼  |  3 ½
Profiles: Milled Smooth; Hand-Hewn


Aside from our D-shaped log trim offerings, we also provide our customers with a variety of wood trim for window and door casing, crown, baseboard, chair rail, and other decorative moulding trim needs.  Our wood trim styles range from traditional to contemporary, and feature the same quality and care you’ll find in our other log products.

Our Quarter Log Trim has been designed to fit perfectly with our tongue and groove quarter log siding.  Moreover, the “D” profile of the trim compliments the same log home appearance you get with the quarter log siding.  Whether you are trimming a door, window, paneling, or even a drywall application; you can count on a clean and consistent log home look every time.

Wood Types (Species): Northern White Cedar; Knotty Pine
Dimensions: 2x4  |  2x6  |  3x4
Thickness: 1 3/8  |  1 3/8  |  2 ½
Width: 3 ½  |  5  |  3 ½
Profiles: Milled Smooth; Hand-Hewn