Rustic log furniture should not only look great—it should feel great too!  In fact, our White Cedar rocking chairs are so confortable and smooth, we’ve watched customers fall asleep in them!  Our Log Adirondack Chairs, Rocking Chairs, and Gliders are hand crafted to be ergonomically comfortable and last a lifetime.  Much like the rest of our log furniture, we utilize mortise and tenon joinery for a rock-solid fit, and hand-hewn profiles for a rustic finish.

Our rustic Log Benches are as rich in character as they are versatile in function.  They can be used for a quick sit on the patio, a few extra seats alongside a picnic table, or even as a foot stool pulled up in front of a log rocker.  And while you’re making use of your rustic bench, you’ll find it hard to ignore all the exposed natural beauty along the top of the log slab or along the bottom of the bench, where milled log legs fit together ever so seamlessly via mortise and tenon.

Need a place to rest a magazine or beverage while relaxing in your log adirondack or rocking chair?  With our rustic Log End Tables, you can add some functional décor to go along with your outdoor log furniture.  Each end table is designed to match the style and craftsmanship of our signature log patio chairs and benches.  If you have your own design you’d like us to craft, let us know and we’ll make your idea for a rustic end table come to life!