Interior Paneling

Interior paneling is a popular wall and ceiling covering for many log and country home owners. The warm glow of finished pine or cedar paneling can really set the stage for a great log home interior. With that said, it is important to know and understand the features of a quality paneling product; like why tongue & groove and end-matching paneling can make for easier installation, less waste, and a better overall finish. See our various product offerings below for more information on quality paneling products.

Tongue & Grove

Our Tongue and Groove paneling is some of the best product you’ll find anywhere. Unique tongue and groove, end-matching design not only provides a great look, but it’s easy to install as well. Moreover, end-matching means you don’t have to measure and cut to end on a stud, AND you can use what would otherwise be a wasted end piece on every row, as the starter board for the next—something we like to call a ZERO WASTE project.

Wood Types (Species): Northern White Cedar, Dimensions:1x4 | 1x5 | 1x6
Knotty Pine Dimensions: 1x4 | 1x5 | 1x6 | 1x8
Thickness: 3x4 (for all dimensions above)
Stack Height: ---
White Cedar: 3 ½ | 4 ½ | 5 ¼ | 7 ¼ ---
Knotty Pine: 3 ½ | 4 ½ | 5 ¼

Tounge and Groove


Moulding Trim

Moulding Trim

Aside from our D-shaped log trim offerings, we also provide our customers with a variety of wood trim for window and door casing, crown, baseboard, chair rail, and other decorative moulding trim needs.  Our wood trim styles range from traditional to contemporary, and feature the same quality and care you’ll find in our other log products.

Wood Types (Species): Northern White Cedar; Knotty Pine
Dimensions: 3x6  |  4x4
Thickness: 2 ½  |  3 ½
Width: 5 ¼  |  3 ½
Profiles: Milled Smooth; Hand-Hewn

Interior Log Siding

Log siding

While log siding is typically known for its exterior applications, that same log siding can be used to create a great log look on the inside too. In fact, by using our tongue and groove, end-matched logs on your home’s interior, you can: complete your log wall look from top to bottom, create a half-wall “wainscoting”, or use it as part of your own custom projects (e.g. the outside of a bar). Either way, you’ll be happy with the fit, finish, and feel you get from our interior log siding. For Log Siding options available for interior applications,


Wood Types (Species):
Knotty Pine Dimensions: 1x4x8 | 1x5x8 | 1x6x8
Thickness: ¾ (for all dimensions above)
Stack Height: 3 ¼ | 4 ¼ | 5 ¼

Wood Flooring

Roof Decking

Roof Decking

Popular in applications such as vaulted gable ceilings, loft ceilings, and covered porches; our knotty pine roof decking will give any room that “WOW” factor you’ve been looking for. Nothing is more inviting than or as impressive as walking into a gabled porch or great-room and experiencing the warmth and grandeur of finished pine roof decking. Just like the rest of our interior paneling, our roof decking is tongue and groove, and end-matching for easy installation and cost savings on otherwise wasted material.

Wood Types (Species): Knotty Pine Type: Loft Decking
Roof Decking Dimensions: 2x6 (top and bottom finish) | 2x6 (finish on bottom)
Thickness: 1 ½" (for all dimensions above)

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