Green Manufacturing

Modern day society has recognized the importance of being environmentally-conscious consumers, and whether you know it or not, you’re already making a positive difference in our environment by being a log home owner!  Log homes have many benefits, and construction from naturally sustainable wood products (as opposed to man-made products like vinyl siding) is a big one—but “living green” can mean a lot more with log home products from Rustic Rails.  See why green living can mean not only a healthy home and a clean conscious, but a cost savings to our customers too!

Zero Waste Products

We refer to our paneling and siding log home products as “zero-waste” because, unlike other paneling and log siding products, ours are tongue and groove, and end-matching—meaning that you don’t have to cut material to fall on a stud when installing.  In fact, the only cutting you do is the last piece on each row, which is then used on the following row as a starter piece (hence, “zero waste).  This is a significant savings in both material and labor cost, not to mention product that would otherwise be thrown away.


Naturally Durable Cedar


Natural benefits of Northern White Cedar are almost too many to list!  As a product that Rustic Rails has used and advocated for decades, Cedar possesses a kind of natural beauty and durability that is unparalleled by any other wood species in its class.  Cedar: is inherently low in moisture content (creating strength and sturdiness, less prone to splitting and cracking); is like a natural sealer and preservative, with oil that is resistant to mold and insects; has one of the highest insulating ratings (i.e. R-factor) of any wood, making a great insulate for keeping your home warm or cool.  With all these naturally occurring features, Cedar requires less maintenance and not toxic chemicals to maintain the integrity of the wood—making it incredibly environmentally friendly.

Cedar Mulch Byproduct

Like our paneling and siding products, the Rustic Rails mill is a “Zero Waste” operation.  Every piece of wood byproduct that would otherwise be discarded is processed into something else.  Our biggest byproduct is our Cedar Mulch, which we sell locally to landscaping companies, home owners, and farms.  The Cedar Mulch is used for horse bedding, landscaping, and a variety of other uses.  We even source area cooks with cedar plans for cooking applications.  All of our manufacturing is green living inspired, and a cost savings that is carried through to our customers.


Media Blasting (Recycled and biodegradable, doesn’t affect pH levels in ground)

Media Blast

Our media blasting service uses a great environment-friendly alternative to the industry standard in corn cob granules.  Rustic Rails uses recycled glass particles that are non-tox and will not affect pH levels in the ground (as opposed to organic material that will mold when it gets wet).  Using 100% recycled glass also reduces landfill waste, making it a very environment friendly choice for maintaining or restoring your log home’s exterior.

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